Just an illusion.....???

What is Life....????? What are the choices tat we face each and everyday in life??????

And i get an answer from within....it is all an illusion.....!!!

i've started feelin tat we have no choice in life....if we "feel" tat life is full of choices and makin decisions abt them.... we are thinkin wrong....!!!! we are predestined to "choose" one of the many options.....in short....life is an illusion...!!!

as i sit in a dim lit room, staring at the comp, listenin to creed perform with arms wide open , i begin thinkin, contemplating what all hpnd today.......

As i entered the class, she turned toward the board and started writin some crap on it....suddenly the class burst out with the usual tone "Maaaaaaaaaaaaam........." ,
well c'on....just face it... we all know how boreing engg is..!!! and how the dumb and stupid lecturers can get on to our nerves...!!!!
hmmm...even as i write this....i am getting enlightened.....hopefully i'll be able to express whatever i am thinkin rite now in proper words by the end of this blog.....

anyways...as i tried settling down in one of the last benches, the afternoon raaga of my classmates was still goin on......and i promptly joined in...:)
for some unknown/uncontrollable reason tat female(lecturer) turned towards me when i joined in the chorus..... i guess she actually saw me talk to gujju abt she givin us attendance and we gettin out of there.....well whatever the reason, i was made to stand up and asked to leave the class....
well....i had mixed reactions, the nervous me was tellin me to shut up and sit (and get tremendously bored) in the class, the adventurous me was askin me to challenge the female and try out watever was gonna be the outcome of it, but finally when i heard my classmates sayin "beda sisya.....dont go, u'll chmma get into trouble" , i guess the reblious me took over....i guess i just wanted to set an example (?) to my class ppl, tat i do have the guts to walk out of the class ( but why...????) when asked to, by some dumb female....and i just did...!!!!

and the rest, like they dont say, can be forgotten.....

well.....as the music changes to illusion by the same artist, i begin to come to a conclusion... ( really???)

was i made to take a choice today ??? or was i actually destined to go out of the class for some stupid (?) reason.....??? did we make the decision tat tat female is as boreing and dumb we 'think' she is?? or is it her destiny tat we are supposed to feel tat way abt her??? did she make a conscious choice of handling our class or was she destined to come to bug us??? was she destined to think tat her problems will go away by sendin me out ??? did tat female actually take a choice of lettin me stay in the class or chose to send me out....??? or is it tat she was destined to get pissed ( for wat we've been doin for 7 sems now) and send me out....??? i am sure tat my classmates would've started the chorus after 10 mins.....(they are destined to do it)...!!!

i guess i am rattling off too much...

Anyways, it is true that life comes up with interesting situations where it seems we have to make a choice........but in reality we are predestined to take one path.........and we take it. But then , for us, it looks like we have a choice..........even if we believe in my version that choice is an illusion, we have to make a choice, though that choice is predestined.

Seems like a paradox ?? It isn't.

Think abt it..

The sun rises to another day
My constitution keeps changing
'Til it slips away
So I lie awake and stare
My mind thinking, just wandering
Is anybody there?
Should I stay or go
Should I sleep or stay awake
Am I really happy or is it all
Just an illusion
Sitting in my room now
Hiding thoughts
Just hoping one day I'll get out
I hear a voice call my name
Breaking trance, so silent
So I can stay the same
Should I stay or go
Should I sleep or stay awake
Am I really happy or is it all
Just an illusion
Wait now, many things left unsaid
This life remains the same
But I change
I try to fool myself in believing
Things are going to get better
But life goes on
Should I stay or go
Should I sleep or stay awake
Am I really happy or is it all
Just an illusion

courtesy Lyrics.com

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