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hmmm.....i wonder....


when i was in vidyashala....

ok this is a total rip off from an article in our school's bi-annual magazine. i got totally nostalgic when i read this and knew tat i had to store this stuff, coz i generally misplace the magazine :p
i havent changed much of the article, eventhough this was written by a senior (1979-82) who studied there much before i was born, the experience remains the same.....

i so miss my school days.....

Like everybody's life, mine too had its eventful days when i was a school boy. in RamakrishnaVidyashala, my school.
a school with a reputation of being one of the best in the country. the discipline, the enphasis on values, on spirituality, on the rounding of one's personality, the multifarious games,physical exercises, swimming, the debates, the bonhomie, lip-smacking food and the very joy of living together with friends on a 69 acre campus tat loioked likde one large, beautifully crafted carpet of green!
those were the days when we were growin up. when the body and the mind were slowly taking shape. we had out boyish impishness, out youthful folibles.
the chanting of the prayers. in the hall tat evoked such divine piety. to th ethrob of the tabala ( played beautifully by kappe) and the mellow melody of the harmonium. some of us once in a while, drifting into a bit of a slumberback arched and the body fallinf forwards, completely out of our control.and then the sudden jolting of the conscience resulting in hte regaining of the conscious!
those night studiy sessions. done in pir drop silence! night study supervisors who walked up and down like sentinels guarding the ford! their slow, steady, deliberate walk a reminder of their omniscience in the stillness ot the night! "eeeeh, stand up, i say" !
those giggles and the winks, abt some suddenly remembered hilarity! those occasions when some of us stood up and said we were feelin a lil drowsy, just a few mins into the study hour! the splashing of the water on the face. the serious look on the faces of the studious ppl through the window. for having been disturbed bu the sound of water! all this was great fun.
a flash of the ochre in the midst of the study, a faint glimpse of the Swamiji walking along the corridor with the briskness and the purposefulness of a man in command. yhr immidiate straightening of out bent backs, the repositioning or the obooks to portray sincearity of intent and then the reverting of the slightly more relaxed posture after his exit.
sometimes a shrill screams emanating from the distance away from our class. a sure indicator of some elder's outburst against some sloffy boy's behaviour during that precious hour.
and then the diary writing. for five mins. from 8 to 8:05 pm!
we had our inner feelings. tat we couldnt really describe. we missed describe. we missed home. and perhaps our childhood mates with whome we grew up before joining boarding school. and then, we reminded ourselves tat we had to get on in life. make new friends, seek more experiences, and become better equipped to handle the world. as our teachers always told us in the class.
we had our worries. or wantin to do well in class. of winning the hockey match the next day, of writing home and wanting to tell amma tat we loved her! a life of myrad thoughts. sometimes all jumbled up, sometimes having a pattern.

i am gonna have a smile tonight when i sleep......remembering all the good times i've had in my school....getting nostalgic, feels good :)


Life Moves On....

well....thats the hardcore reality of life rite??? it just moves on...!!!!

i am really out of words rite now. doesnt it feel bad when u have to let go of a person for the only reason tat he/she has his/her own life to live???? yeah i know...i am sounding crazy by tellin tat coz at the end of the day, i too would like to move on in life.....and not hang on to my past.

its just tat that wonderful college life of mine will never be back. i am contemplating on the fact tat i am lookin at rite now....somewhere close to 15 ppl atleast had become so close to me in those awesome 4 yrs of my life...when i am lookin bak now, i am hit hard on the face by the fact tat they are all gonna go difft ways....searchin for their own goals in life....and the worst part it all...i might never be able to meet a few of them, even to recollect those amazing moments we had spent together let alone have a good time again...!!!!

aaargh...!!! this is comin out of pure frustration and helplessness i am facing...!!! i know its the reality but am just not able to accept the fact....!!!!

well the saying "the value of the individual is known when the person isnt arnd" is true i guess...i am actually missing some of my friends already even though they are just a phone call away...!!!

whos goin to be the butt of my jokes???....whos gonna arrange night out parties in his house???....whos gonna hit stupid pjs and laugh at them if none of his friends laugh????....whos gonna get pissed for all stupid reasons???...whos gonna send me cute gnite msgs???? whos hair clips am i gonna flick???...whos gonna laugh at my stupid outburts of wierd dance steps???? whos gonna flirt arnd just for the heck of it??? whos gonna give me gyaan on patafying females???...whos gonna make a big fuss out of every little thing??? who.....????

man...!!! i am so gonna miss these beautiful moments in my life.....

yes ppl...!!! u guys mean a lot to me....if u are readin this post, and u can relate to any of my stupid rattlings above, then u are one of the many ppl i am gonna miss for a looooong time to come.

i do really hope tat the bond of friendship i've developed with each of my friend remains the same for the rest of our lives.....

but just as i think abt it...the hard reality hits me again, and i contemplate.....coz i know the truth...life is an illusion and no matter how much i want...i cannot control it...!!!!

life just moves on...!!!!