Life at its simplest best.......

wat can be better than a few days without us botherin abt anything??? a few quiet days all by yrself, and tat too for a person like me who loves his space arnd..!!!! and tat contemplative mood to enhance the thinkin process,
a few days to spend with the ppl who care for u unconditionally??? a few days to listen to yr grandpa's story of his childhood??? an absolute new learnin experience with every step u take, an opportunity to view another side of yrself, most of all, an opportunity to prove yrself, to see the real U........and the feelin of being sucked into oblivion, at times, it can be good too.....!!!!

a sneak preview into the facts now so conveniently forgotten, a feeling of pride mixed with the bad feeling of neglecting stuff, the realization tat ignorance is not always a bliss prompting me to look out for knowledge.....lifes good....!!!!!

to get a feelin of goin tat one step further into realizing the true self, a self which has a lifestyle of its own, a mind and a thinkin totally independent of yr thoughts.......a lil confused, a lil freaky, a lil empathy towards yr own self, a total emotional roller-coaster ride...!!!!

yes......this is life at its simplest best.....getting the fundamentals rite could be a thrilling and a totally cOnFuSiNg eXperience :)



wat does it really mean??? why do we crave for tat??? are we really gettin it??? and if we are, are we doin our part to maintain it???? but mainly, do we deserve it??

all these questions popped up in my mind when i was watchin a documentry on Gandhiji. He truly is becomin an inspiration for me these days... like the millions of others, i too used to hate his principles and his actions. i too did critisize them and did end up arguin with some of my friends abt his methodologies and their effectiveness.

I am so happy tat i was wrong then. if not for his non violence, we wouldn't have got our independence so soon......

i was overwhelmed by the sheer power this small, puny old guy with a staff in hand, hardly any clothes on, had over the masses. more abt Gandhi when i get the mood to write abt him, although it'll be like admiring the depth of the ocean by lookin at the surface.

a few quotes i'd like to share....

"jesus showed us the way of love, and Gandhi taught us the way to do it" - Martin Luther King

"an eye for an eye will only leave the whole world blind" - M K Gandhi

He had once said tat he'll consider himself a true Mahatma if in a circumstance where he were to be assassinated, he'd accept the bullets happily and die with the name of God on his lips...we all know how he was killed, he was indeed a ture MAHATMA...!!!

anyways....i wanted to blog abt us being "independent", or the illusion tat we are.
does the feelin of independence restrict itself only to the political power of the country or does it have a lil more depth to it??? doesnt it have anything to do with wat we have to deal with ourselves????
does being independent have any relevence to our lives not being controlled by our emotions and instead, we controllin them???
does growin up as an independent person imbibe in us a sense of responsibility or does it just reduce the compassion and love we have towards the fellow ppl????? does a sense of independence (in watever way) unconsciously make our ego grow out of proportions????

so many questions, so little knowledge to answer them.....
me wonders if i can ever get an answer to some of my rantings....
a part of me quietly stays away from this and tells me to cut the crap and get a life, a part of me tells me to go on and look out for an answer, and a small part of me laughs away to glory....coz i am sure it know all the answers and wants me to find them out myself......

cOnFuSiNg....??? I dont think so....!!!!!!