The Answers......

1'30 on a Monday morning, eyes burning, I decide to Rant......!!!!!!!

I read a very interesting part in Bhagawad Gita last night, Krishna says

Karmanyevadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana

Ma karmaphalaheturbhuh ma te sango'svakarmani -2.47

" Your right is to work only; but never to the fruits thereof. May you not be motivated by fruits of actions; nor let your attachment be towards inaction"

An absolutely beautiful thought.....!!!!!! how many of us work day in and day out, just to quench our selfish needs, just to get recognition, just to reap the fruits of those actions ???? well, i would be lying if i didnt accept the fact, each one of us, at some point or the other, would've done some job just for pure selfish needs.... rite ??? I think i wouldnt be wrong in even goin further and tellin tat we would've done it to satisfy our EGOs ......

It was an interesting comment my friend made in my previous blog abt Ego, well, to an extent it is true watever he has expressed, but i needed a better explaination, a deeper meaning to the whole Ego Question of mine....

I happened to come across this book called "The Science of Life" by Julian Huxley, HG Wells and GP Wells.... Here is a small excerpt from the book which i liked the most, and the part where i got a LOT of answers to my questions.....


'Alone, in the silence of night,and the score of thoughtful occasions, we have demanded,
can this self, so vividly central to my universe, so greedily possessive of the world, ever cease to be ?! Without it surely there is no world at all. And yet this conscious self dies by
night when we sleep, and we cannot trace the stages by which in its stages it crept to an awareness of its own existence. Personality (centered in the ego) maybe one of nature's methods, a convenient provisional delusion of considerable strategic value.

Wonderin about the link between the sloka and the excerpt ????

Ponder over it ...... it makes a LOT of sense.....
"I" rest my case :)