Its been a long time since i blogged about my CoNfUsIoNs. The reasons for it, I am in no mood to explain.

Anyways I had been wondering about my theory of "Life" being an "Illusion" again.... I have Ranted about it over here and here. The latter being more centered around the Ego of the self.

What has kept me busy is the demarcation / the Thin Line between Destiny and Choices.

How much of our life is determined by our destiny and how much of it is self created (by the choices which we make) ????

When I remarked earlier that "Life is just an Illusion...." how right or how wrong was I about it ??? When Swji himself has told that "Man is the Maker of his Own Destiny", then how can I, a mere cOnFuSeD soul, make such a bold remark as that !!!!!

I am just happy now that I didnt take a longer time to realize my mistake :)

What I've come to realize about the Question in hand, the Question about the Destiny and Choices, is that The Choices that we make now, will lead to newer choices in future, which in turn leads to more choices, and so on. What, according to me, can be termed as Destiny is just the choices we face as a result of the choices previously chosen. Thinking about it, the choices in life we face now, are the direct (or indirect) resultant of the choices we would've done earlier in life, or maybe in the past lives. (Considering the fact that I believe in the existence of the past lives and the indestructible nature of the soul)

Further on, I have begun to believe that There exists a very thin line between the outcome of the choices and the destiny. Or maybe we just term the Outcome of the Choices we make, as Destiny (?) . This may be due to the simple fact that we lesser mortals do not understand the complexity at work behind the scenes. The complexities which create the result of an action, in our case the outcome of our choices. Sometimes, these resultants can be sprawled across births, resulting in the current situation.

While talking to a very eminent speaker, to whom I put across this Question, I realised that to understand all the intricacies involved, we need to train the mind in this direction....
So here I go.... in search of the answers ...... again !!