my take on religion was damn vague some days back. i had read a blog abt this and had begun to think very low of religion....now just feelin happy tat i was wrong :)

what made me think, abt the negtive aspects of religion is the narrow minded viewpoint of the ppl who are doing all nonsense in the name of religious duties.
i mean, c'on...!!! dont u think this religion, caste, creed - all these are delusions we have created and these very delusions may be the source for our downfall....???

Sw Vivekananda was a religious reformer. but his view on religion was so different than what we believe religion to be now. we believe tat goin to temple on particular days, or observing fasts, or just rattling off some mantras without even knowin the true meanin of what we are chanting, as religion.

Sw Vivekananda says tat we are not to blame anybody for wht troubles us. we have to find a solution to our own problems. in my case this is just a case of search, an inner search for an answer as to what exactly is religion.... so i do not blame anybody for not teaching the exact meaning of the shlokas i so promptly tell each morning, i do not blame anybody for not guiding me in the proper direction when i am lost in my own thoughts abt such stuff, i do not blame anybody who ridicule me when i read books on these issues. I've grown over it.

i was engrossed in thought abt this issue in class 1 day. a friend of mine noticed tat and asked me what i was thinkin abt, tat is when she told me the golden words which made me realize the simplicity of the whole issue....

Religion should be a "view" of life...rather than a "way" of life

so simple....yet sooooo complicated....!!!