bored and jobless.....

this is another one of those stupid posts.....just to keep my blog rolling :)

Your Birthdate: February 4

You have an extraordinary character - moral, responsible, and disciplined.
Your sincerely and honesty shine through in almost every situation.
Driven and focused, you rarely let your emotions get the better of you.
You're level headed and rational. People count on your to look at things objectively.

Your strength: Your unwavering loyalty and ethics

Your weakness: Your rock solid stubbornness

Your power color: Navy blue

Your power symbol: Shield

Your power month: April


I'm lovin it...!!!!

nope...this aint a McDonalds ad....this is just my state of mind now...!!!!

life, as we think, isnt really tat bad afterall. not after we start lookin at the God even in the small things. Dunno y...but me feelin happy from deep within. recently read in The Bhagawad Gita tat anada is a state of mind in whic the person feels happy for no reason at all....a state of mind in which a person seems to enjoi with his surroundings, even goes to the extent of influencing his surroundings...!!!

i've always believed tat ones life cannot be a closed book.......i believe in sharing my thoughts and my feelings with the ppl around me, atleast tats better tat way than someone else pryin into yr personal life and blowin small things way out of proportion...!!!

anyways...hope i just continue being in this state of mine forever......hope i'll have the strength in me to take the blow life gives once in a while, i see it comin in the form of my HoD, can actually see him sittin on a yemme, sportin a huge mush, hehehe...thinkin abt it, he could've been the best person to play the Yama in those dramas which still happens in some villages.....there are ample number of competitors for the (ishtylish) roles of Rambha, Urvashi and Menaka as well in our dept in coll :p

anyways, me just feelin good abt:
the blore weather comin bak to its senses, the good comments i m gettin for my pics, the fresh smell of the soil when it rains, the nice songs on radio, the non stop msgin with my friends, my sis's sarcasm, my bike's improved performance, my dad's treats, my mom's advice, the total joblessness, my 4 hr sleepin spree in the afternoons, readin, the reunions, my new found friends, in short.....MY LIFE...!!!

is this wat all the yogis and the sanyasis work towards??? is this wat ppl should strive to achieve in their lives??? or is this just another passin phase of mine??? will i remain this way?? will i get bored of this as well??? i dont know......will just enjoi while it lasts :)


The Best Blonde Joke Ever....!!!!!

chk this out ppl....!!!!

this is undoubtedly the bestesst blonde joke i've ever come across on the net... :)

keep smiling :)


who will cry when u die...????

yr family, yr friends, yr neighbours (bull...!!!), yr ex GF...??? fine, at the most her new BF as well..(just to get her sympathy :p)

are those the only ppl whome u've touched in yr entire lifetime....??? are those the only ppl whome u've made a difference in yr life???? was yr life just so much....???

to me, i guess its better to be only so much than to have a huge fan followin behind u....i changed my mind lookin at the stupid reactions of the so called "fans" of Dr.Rajkumar.
but my question is.....wat did he do to have such a huge fan following...??? was it all really worth it at the end???

i totally agree tat He was a genius in his own respect, a brilliant actor and a super singer....i still feel tat no one could have sung maaNikya veeNa song in the movie kaviratHna kaaLidaasa better than him. not even the best of the best singers of any era would have come even near to his brilliant pronunsiation of the tough samskrita syllabuls in tat song, and many more.
not to forget the superb acting in his babru vaahana movie(apart from a LOT of others) ....amazing skills this guy had...!!! i've even heard tat he used to live a quite simple life....truly a great talent is no more among us :(

wat i dont like is the dumb and totally illogical reaction his fans showed after the news was out abt his demise. will blockin the roads, makin innocent ppl sufer by stoppin the buses, and burning govt vehicles get back their hero bak to them??? do they even realise tat these silly reactions they show, will just but a black mark on his image....???

i (eventhough i aint an authority, i am entitled to think so :p) personally think tat Dr.Rajkumar was the sole person to take the kannada film industry to its peak (but his sons have done a good job of levelin the ground) and to make ppl realize tat there is such a thing as a "good kannada film". his contribution in more than 200 films in only kannada makes us realize the love he had for the language (again...i aint into regionalism) and the ppl.
c'on...we have to accept the fact tat a 4th standard dropout makin it this huge in any field..!!! its not a child's play...!!!

i am sure he wouldnt have liked wat his abhimaani devaru have done today. and my eternal belif tat we are all connected to each other in the cosmos puts the slight blame on us too....we could've done something abt it, but we didnt....!!!

badukidu jhataka bandi, idu vidHi ooDisuva bandi....
translated : life is just an illusion :)

but i do hope his soul rests in peace


Bangalore is full....Get out..!!!!

shouted a community on orkut :)

sooooooper, i thought, coz even i've been feelin the same for some years now. this aint one of those blogs with regional issues and stuf, i dont believe in dividin India based on the region, but i totally oppose the way in which some ppl from outside bluru who've settled here act at times....

what is the whole point in outsiders not even tryin to learn to speak in kannada??? some of these outsiders claim bluru to be their home town, but refuse to learn the local language...!!! they expect us to speak in hindi instead.....!!! gimme a break...!!!

when asked the reason, one of my ignorant northie friend said "hindi is our national language, the national language comes above the regional language". WTF does tat mean??? there is a heirarchy of languages in India??? the ppl used to speakin in the lower language must be compatible with the higher language and not vice versa???? guess bill gates is influencing the Indian mind too much :p

whenever a dilliwala speaks abt India, he certainly makes it a point to distinctly speak abt Indians and south Indians....as if there is a difference !!! whats worse is that that our northie friends referin the south Indians as madrasi !!! (hehehe....this pin headed attitude makes me wonder if they all related to George Bush Jr).

anyways, comin bak to our issue in hand, what makes bangalore, as a matter of fact, a lot of other south indian cities such an attractive place for these northies to come and settle down?? nowadays, i believe tat this IT industry is the cause. goin bak to statistics, the english speakin junta in the south outnumbered those in the north to a whooping ratio of 2:1. this made the IT sector come in search of talented ppl who have the knack of adjusting to any situations/circumstances.....a la bangaloreans....!!!! :)

bengaluru used to be a hub of cultural knowledge and teachin, quiet, peaceful, and such a charming city just 10 years bak.....now its losin all those things day by day :(

it is almost impossible to go on a 2 wheeler from rajajinagar to kormangla without being stuck in atleast 3 traffic jams enroute...!!! forget goin there in a 4 wheeler if u have to get there on the same day....

anyways, me blogging this coz i know things are gonna get worse....and i cant do anything abt it...maybe its just my love for bluru tats makin me write this crap.....

me rattling off too much.....more on this issue of crumbling infrastructure in the future posts :)


April Fool....!!! (?)

wassssssap ppl...!!!

chk this out....they say its the best "APRIL FOOL" article of this year on the net...!!!

it claims to be the first ever "wireless extension chords" workin at 7.2GHz microwave frequency...!!

hhahahaaa....wonder who all fell for tat...!! :p


Cribbings of a CoNfUsED Mind......

WHY ME...???

is the question i've been askin myself for a couple of days now...

this blog is slowly becomin a place to vent out my emotional self, rather than an up to date journal of my life. I wont complain, coz i cant....!!! nobody in their sane mind would listen to my rattlings...!!!

anyways....i've got to blog abt our class trip to Goa, guess it has to wait for a while now. today i've come here to search, a search which hopefully will be fruitful...

as i said earlier, i've been wonderin why certain things are happenin to me, or rather why certain things are not happening..!!!???!!!

hmmmm.....gone are the days when i used to say to myself " i am still a kid da, chill.....enjoi life, take it as it comes to u each day...!!!" , gone are the days when my mom used to tell my dad, "aiyo....bid ri parvagill,...innu chikka huduga ivanu" ..... gone .....all that innocence, that carelessness, everythings gone now..times have changed...!!!!

but why am i cribbin abt tat???

certainly not coz i am afraid to grow up...!! no..!! i just love the challenges, the responsibilities, the new ppl.....every bit of respect which i get (but i do wonder if i am worthy of it).....

then why???

to be really really honest, i do not know...!! i am clueless why i've been getting such stupid thoughts in my head these days.....???

what would u do when u see hundreds of ppl everyday, mingle and talk with them, have fun with them, but still.....feel lonely deep inside??? how can u just run away from yrself???

c'on...!! u still think i am cribbin too much abt nothing....???? get a life....never asked u to read this in the first place...!!!