a new beggining????

"there is nothing like goin bak to a place after a long time and see how u've changed"

the coconut trees whos leaves i could touch by standing on the terrace.....are unreachable, the empty site i spent playing countless afternoons in the scorching heats....seems too far now, the garage door which used to have a chalked outline of 3 stumps permanently on it.....no longer invites me to play, "kenchi" ,the brown neighbourhood dog might still wag its tail in his grave though :)

getting bak to a "house" after a period of 10 yrs and being able to call it "home" is something i am facing for the 1st time now. the small kid in me still laughs at the times and the memories associated with the house. the neighbours whom i used to play with, the temple i used to go with my mom, the first ever shop i had been to get everyday stuff for my mom in the kitchen, the day i had lost my face in front of the shopkeeper for my stupidy.......everything is intact, all the memories, all the places.......

looking bak the 10 yrs, from a kid who left the house in the 8th std to go to a boarding school, to a guy who works in a s/w company, i have indeed come a long way. a long way indeed :)



yes... a BIG ? is wat is in my mind rite now...!!!!

as i sit in my office on a saturday mornin listen to some music, i wonder.....i wonder if this is wat i've always wanted.......

well, it feels weird to write this blog, coz i've just written abt the other side of the story in my previous post.....wat contrasts we get to see.......!!!!!!!

well, i agree tat being engaged in some sort of work is wat i've always wanted, but i never knew wat could be the limit i can stretch myself....being an aquarian, i guess i tend to get bored of the monotony of life very easily.....i was bored of sitting idle earlier, now i am bored of working non stop :)

wats the fun in life if i dont get to live it....???? well, as i ponder abt this, i wonder..........

i've come to realize tat change is the only thing constant in our lives....!!!! we just have to learn to cope up with the change well. coz at the end of the day, i truly believe tat we live the life we make out of the opportunities we get.....!!!!

well, this post could just be the stressbuster i need......or maybe not.....!!!! i really dunno.....
i m damn CoNfUsEd.......abt everything........again....!!!!


a 180 degree flip...!!!!

it has finally happened....!!!
life, from a slow paced, boreing, monotonous routine has changed for the good....!! i just hope it stays on like this for a loooong time.

one fine morning when i entered the lift of sona towers, the apprehensive me was totally lost and reluctant to get out of the shell. but now, just a few weeks later, its all changed....and changed for the good i must say...!!!
life is a journey and we get a lot of things to learn abt.....each and every day....!!! this has never been more evident to me than the past few weeks.....

so many kind of ppl, so many kinds of minds, so many kinds of technologies, so many mistakes, so many lines of code, so many mugs of coffee, so many classes, so many segmentation faults...!!!!
everything has a thing to teach, if we look out for it ;)

well, to end it all.....a passing thought...

if at all we knew the source code of our lives, debugging it would've been a much simpler task

just hope we dont get segmentation faults on the way :p