Insomnia !!!

Tried watching TV, Finished reading today's TOI all over agian, Read a few verses from the Bhagavad Gita, Tried listening to some soothing music .... but all to no avail !!

Sleep ... as it seems, is in no mood to come and engulf me ..... This, in turn has aroused many dormant thoughts, which were almost lost the labyrinth called my 'Conscious Mind'. Perhaps I have been unconsciously (or subconsciously (???) .. I dont know the difference yet .....) waiting for this arousal of thoughts, perhaps I am raring to start looking for answers ... again, or perhaps its just a tried mind ranting ..... I dont have an answer ..... but all I have is this .....

The cOnFuSiOn has returned !!!!

Shall soon resume the Rantings .... of a CoNfUsEd soul (or is it the mind ????) !!!!!

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