And... They called it a Party !!!!!

Pictre This !!!!!!

One not so big hall, with a so called DJ / MC shouting for ppl to jump in the air for the crappy music they were playing on one side, and on the other side the so called "educated people" pushing and falling on each other just to get a hold of a glass of Beer. The poor helpless bartender carelessly pouring glass after glass of frothing matter and pushing it across the counter. Saw the proof of the whole "Survival Of the Fittest" theory !!!!!

No.. i wont end the story there, there is more !!!!
The small 5ft x 5ft wooden platform at the foot of the DJ's console was termed as the "Dance Floor". Well, what can u dance (even if u remotely felt like it) on such a place which had more than a 100 strong Men, each at least 2 mugs of beer into their bellies, oblivious (?) of their surroundings, shaking violently to the blaring sound from the speakers !!!!

Those poor ladies had to flee out of the testosterone pool so save a few embarrassing moments....

Anyways, the highlight of the whole event ...... I just found more abt Myself !!!!!!!

If this is what people term as a "New Year Bash", I am just thanking my stars that I did not start a whole new year with this, but learnt How Not to start one !!!!! Happy that its over now, and i can put it back with all the Memories of 2007, which I wish to forget !!!!

If at all I could do the Memory Charm on myself now........


Anonymous said...

Yeesh. The party was that bad?! It sounds horrible. Paapa. :P :) Actually, I wouldn't even term it as a bash or a party. More like... I don't know.. a riot? But all of your memories from 2007 aren't bad... are they? At least you can start fresh this year... :P

mithun said...

Looooolz....dat was well written mate...killer...very well explained..can literally "Picture It"